Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Somehow Related?

Here's an interesting problem we faced this morning at work: We are currently using an LDAP directory for user authentication, and we authenticate using Samba for Windows Logins and a generic LDAP client for Unix logins. Well, when I came into work today, instead of the 1-2 seconds it normally took to log into Unix, it took like 120 seconds. Now, the only problem we had that we knew of was that our Internet connection was down. About 30 minutes later our Internet connection came back up and we were able to log in again with the 1-2 second delay... OH, one thing to mention -- Authentication through Samba for Windows worked normal the whole time. So, the question is, what relation is there between Unix, LDAP authentcation and the Internet?

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Mirko said...

The answer is DNS. Look in /etc/resolv.conf and you might find some entries that aren't accessible through your network.

This happens a lot if you move machines from one private network to another.