Thursday, December 20, 2007

Text-Based Games...

So, I have made it a life goal of mine to create a 3D game of some kind at some point in my life. Realizing the size of this daunting task, I've decided to start a little bit smaller. I think that I want to make a web-based, text-based game that's kind of like a choose your own adventure. I figure that it'll be a good place to start... see how it goes and then move forward from there.

In any case, my plan is to use PHP/MySQL to accomplish this, since I think it will work, but mostly because it's the two web-based technologies (besides HTML) that I'm most comfortable with. Does anyone have any other suggestions that might make my journey a little bit easier?

If I make some decent progress, I'll be sure to post updates here. Or, if it's something you think you'd want to participate in, let me know as well...

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